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SAYO PHARMA, established in Iraq since 1998 we work as a strong importer of (pharmaceutical), (healthcare & beauty) products from many companies around the world.

specializes in marketing and distribution of generic, branded pharmaceuticals and medical products. We import, support, and market generic and branded drugs, branded OTC, surgical equipment, laboratory, medical supplies and consumer healthcare products.

Today we are agent & distributor in Iraq for different brands like (Zifam-Australia ), (Macleods-India),(Lincoln - India) and (Mainkind-india)



  • 2010 - Present


    Founded by ASFNDYAR KAIKHASRAW ABDULLA. SAYO has dedicated its business to marketing of medical and life style brands, representing international manufacturers in Iraq.

  • 2010 - Present


    sayo experts in various areas (marketing, sales, distribution, regulatory) and the company’s unique structure has enabled it to always respond to partners’ and customers’ needs.

  • 2010 - Present


    Throughout the years SAYO has worked together with its partners to increase their market share, improve products and develop new products that meet the needs of the Iraqi healthcare market.


Our standards of excellence, professionalism, innovation, uncompromising quality and high level of service have made us a competitive healthcare distributor in Iraq. We represent some of the leading companies in the areas of consumer healthcare, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and hospital care.



Medical Consumables

Laboratory Accessories and Kits

Mission and Vision

our VISION to be one of the most trusted ,admired and successful pharmaceutical & healthcare companies in terms of expertise ,innovation and responsible also we we want to be highly ranked by healthcare professionalsYou’re Preferred Partner in Iraq We strive for professional excellence and are committed to proficiency, reliability and flexibility in all aspects of our business.

Our MISSION is to improve patients' lives by delivering innovative products and services that drive quality and efficiency in pharmaceutical care.



People, Progress, Purpose & Social Responsibility

Consistent growth and sustainability is a multidimensional aspiration for all at Macleods, we remained focused on providing quality and affordable medicines to billions of ailing patients across geographies and bridging the gap of unmet needs of medical fraternity through continuous innovation. Our basic business philosophy, by its very nature, serves a social responsibility hence we have a far better reason than profits alone to drive our performance.


Our manufacturing facility at Smithfield New South Wales, Australia is accredited with Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) at every step – from manufacturing of analysis, chemical testing, dosage forms and packaging to release for sales in Australia and worldwide.
Australian Pharmaceutical Company offering a unique range of products to meet the ever increasing needs of our customers and medical specialists. Our commitment as a company and as individuals is to make a difference in everything from the products to services we offer.


“If health is the real wealth, we nurture it”

The manufacturing plant sprawls across in amiable surroundings of 30000 sq. yard land with a garden offering optimal eco-friendly conditions. The overall carpet area of the plant spreads to 3750 sq.m. which is further segregated into various divisions for tablet and capsule manufacturing facilities. All divisions possess appropriate room for existing operations and arrangements for potential future development. An individual structure houses Administration, Quality Control Laboratory and Quality Assurance section which spreads across 452 sq m.

Mankind Pharma

Mankind Pharma, came into existence in 1986. In 1991, the company was formed into a legal corporation. However, it actively started working as a fully integrated pharmaceutical company in 1995. Today, we have more than 14,000 employees and are heading towards a turnover of INR 50000 million.
Our vast network includes 50 C&F agents and 10000+ stockists. We provide a wide range of products – Antibiotic, Antifungal, NSAIDs, Gastrointestinal, Anthelmintic, Cardiovascular, Dermal, Erectile Dysfunction, and several other categories – across the nation.


At Amrin Lifesciences quality is of paramount importance and extreme checks go into every product we manufacture. Quality control , as a center of excellence, ensures compliance and follows systematic interventions like streamlining SOPs around critical quality parameters. At Amrin lifesciences , we are relentless in stepping up our quality systems across our manufacturing facilities, ensuring that our products, processes and infrastructure – all measure up to international expectations. • Our principles of excellence and the emphasis to ensure a culture of uncompromising quality, has earned us a remarkable reputation with our customers and regulatory agencies around the globe. This is reflected in the multiple accolades and recognition conferred on us over the years.



Business Development

sayo regarded as a competitive healthcare distributor on generic and branded drugs, medical consumable, medical supply and consumer healthcare products in Iraq.

Thanks to our experienced sales team, robust logistics network, and the large amounts of data and knowledge we have on the Iraqi market, multinational manufacturers may turn to us when they want to expand their operations into the Iraqi market.

At sayo Company we endeavor for successful, long-standing relationships with our partners. We realize the strong connection between skilled staff and the success of our business partners and therefore, professional excellence is an integral part of our corporate culture. Our unique structure enables us to be responsive and flexible to our partners’ needs. We have open and trustworthy communications with our partners and customers and we strive to provide the highest level of service.

We help our partners to:

  • Identify the right opportunities in the areas of pharmaceuticals, OTC, medical consumables and equipment in the Iraqi market
  • Receive in-depth knowledge on the Iraqi market and its various segments
  • Understand local regulatory requirements and demands and local market dynamics for successful market penetration.
  • Fully leverage opportunities in the local market, while responding to local customers’ needs.
  • Get a significant foothold in Iraqi’s healthcare and medical institutions, specialist physicians and decision makers.
  • Ensure quality during all aspects of distribution through our advanced logistics and marketing solutions.

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Asfndyar K. Abdulla

• General Manager
• Phone : +964 770 155 4236
• Mail : [email protected]

Junaid Hawramani

• Business Develpment Manager
• Phone : +964 770 155 4236
• Mail : [email protected]

Evan Abdullah

• International Manager
• Phone : +31 6 44376163
• Mail : [email protected]

Idris Amin

• Importer Manager
• Phone : +964 770 108 6622
• Mail : [email protected]

Mohammad Hawramani

• Assistant Manager
• Phone : +964 770 157 8677
• Mail : [email protected]

Dr. Rawa Asfndyar

• Marketing Manager
• Phone : +964 751 033 1606   Or   +90 548 823 83 23
• Mail : [email protected]

If you are a pharmaceutical or a biotech company, a medical device manufacturer or a supplier of healthcare goods and services, and you are exploring the opportunity to expand into the Iraqi market, we invite you to contact us directly:

Head office, Jwan drug , Gorran Street, Sulamaniyah
Sayo drug, Doctor Street, Erbil, Iraq
Sayo office , mushjar street, baxdad, Iraq

+964 770 155 4236

[email protected]

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